Executive Profile in 2007

Prachait Saxena, CEO, EOT Infotech, Extraordinary Talents, has over 6 years of experience in the IT industry specializing in Software development and project Management of the software products, for common mans usage.

An innovative, trend-setting IT professional, who delivers solutions and results on time and within budget, Experienced and skilled technocrat with strong organizational and managerial acumen to deliver solutions as per customer’s need and demand whose core capabilities lies in general management, software project management and technology product development. A champion change agent, self-starter, team leader and consensus builder through mentoring, team building and knowledge sharing.

His functional experience includes software development, technical management, project management, customer support, professional services and corporate strategy for customized software research and development.

He has worked in various professional positions starting his career in 1999, as System Analyst for individuals and corporate to support there IT need for their better Performance.

During this period (from 1999 to 2003), he worked for India Army (T.A.),Nagpur; conducted educational programs, while working with Business Infotech, In August 2000, he was responsible for making online All India “Bhartiya Janta Party’s” Convention 2000, held in Nagpur on the 20th August, 2000, whose media center was inaugurated by Late. Promod Mahajan (National Leader)

In 2003, he joined Force3, Non Government Organization, in Information Technology department, he continued there for three years,

As an IT Volunteer, he consulted and enhanced, skills on various technology tools, like Document Management System (Newgen’s Products, OmniDocs), handheld Deceives like Encore Simputer and Analog’s Data Logger, XTend Interactive Voice Response Tool Kit. Integrating various tools to develop desktop and web based, cross platform application.

In three years, he developed and managed several IT Projects,

2003 July ” September, :- Certificate and Application Form Processing Software, to work online, supported by handwritten document, images on Document Management System and Workflow for Common Felicitation Center, Gondia.

2003 November – 2004 March

Attended, Microsoft Windows 20003 Training Program, in Hyderabad

And International Conference on eGovernment, held at IIT New Delhi, Inaugurated by President of India (Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen (APJ) Abdul Kalam

During this period, he worked as Project Lead to develop 31 different application prototypes for Individual Office Form processing, on DMS, 18 was submitted for Microsoft Windows 2003 Product Verification, in which Force3 received the certification for one application as became Microsoft Partner

2004 March – June

Worked in eGovernance, he lead the team for System Requirement Study at Divisional Forest Office, Kanker, Jharkhand, and developed and tested the prototype for internal office working and document movement (workflow) from more that 30+ KM distance range office on wireless network.

2004 September ” 2005 December

Worked on the integration of Document Management System, with Data Logger and Simputer

Encore’s Simputer

The Simputer is a low-cost Personal Computer with multiple connectivity options. Based on GNU/Linux software technology that is open and modular. Linux Kernel version 2.4 had been ported and Word with Strong-Arm CPU, Basic Development platform uses GTK.

It is design and developed for local community users, such as the village panchayat or the village school, or a kiosk, or even a shopkeeper for micro-banking, multi-purpose citizen cards, profile management and many more.

XTend’s Interactive Voice Response Tool Kit, is a product by Xtend to develop IVR Applications via scripting. The help to develop and intract external script with other applications

Missing Children In India, Website (www.MissingChildrenInIndia.com) is launched on Aug 2005, by Commissioner of Police Nagpur, which was developed for making the central repository for missing children.

Worked as Database Administrator, on IBM’s DB2 in Linux platform, for Database Separation, Merging, of the crucial data of Land Record Management System (7/12) of Gondia Distt.

2006 February ” June

He worked as a Project Manager, for Software Development Organization, with more that 30+ IT Fresher, for the application, prototype development for Back Officer Automation of Government Officers, on cross platform, using various technology tools.

2006 September ” Till Date

After shifting to New Delhi, established his own software development organization called OSIS Infotech, for customized product developed for local need, and working as Project Manager and Chief Technology Officer in that.

In last 5 years of experience, he has increased his knowledge in various fields, and on different technology tools.

Summarizing the above, he develops the product on Capability Maturity Model® Integration (CMMI) Level 3, and used the following language and tools for the product development.

Closed Source:

C++, GTK, Sqlite DB, Application Development on Linux for Arm Process Handled names Simputer. Application is for Milk Collection centers at Villages, and Form

Visual Basic 6.0, MS Sql 2000, Application Development and Interfacing with Document Management System i.e OmniDocs API, developing 25+ form processing application to run on top of it.

Developed java transaction server, for data exchange between dynamic client forms and database server.

Visual Basic.Net 2005 + MS Sql 2000, Used in Product Development called ID-Masker, an email Masking solution to hid the Client Email Address with Employees

DB2 + Linux, for Data Mining and Database Merging for 7/12 Land Record Management System of Gondia Distt.

Open Source

PHP 4 and 5 + Mysql

Student Information System at initial stage.

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